Collaboration means less friction.

Organize conversations, make them actionable and get your team on the same page.

  • Encourages problem-solving
  • Align goals and reduce error
  • Learn from each other
Manage email

Shared inbox

A powerful workflow for managing shared accounts and addresses.

  • Assign team members to an inbox
  • Manage privacy settings
  • Visible in a single unified inbox
Shared inbox

Turn any email into a task

Create tasks for yourself and your team to keep track of progress. Handle large volumes of mail with ease.

  • Keep your inbox organized
  • Achieve Inbox Zero (if needed)

Improve team performance

Improve your team productivity by helping each other.

  • No message is left behind
  • Improve customer experience

Delegate email

Share and delegate email conversations to your team with a click. No more clunky forwarding or CC. Discover a new way to share emails.

  • Create multiple tasks
  • No more CC or forwarding
  • Implement Push or Pull
Delegate email

Create tasks

Make email actionable by creating tasks for you or the team.

  • Assign to team members
  • Set due dates
  • Link tasks to contacts
Create tasks


Get instant (desktop) notifications on updates in your workspace(s).

  • New or assigned tasks
  • Updates on your work

Peace of mind

Take a break from your mailbox knowing that no message will be left unnoticed. 

  • Share your inbox with your team
  • Allow sending email on your behalf
  • No more missed opportunities

Assign to yourself

Turn emails into tasks and create to-dos for yourself. 

  • Keep your inbox organized
  • Pull or push
Works with:
Any mailbox

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