Context, see the big picture

Have all the context you need in one place – email, tasks, contacts, notes, files, and your team. 


Enjoy automatic registration of all activities on contacts and shape your workflow. Make it work for you with custom tags, fields, boards, and colors.


A lightweight CRM to hold your contacts and to organize email and tasks on autopilot. 💪

  • Nurture your customers
  • Never miss a message or opportunity
  • Instantly see what needs to be done


Take notes for your team to keep them updated.

  • WhatsApp
  • Calls and SMS
  • Meetings

Smart conversations

All emails and conversations are automagically visible on the contact card.

  • Conversations from multiple mailboxes in a single view 
  • Easy search and find 

Context views

No more switching around. Get the full picture in an instance.

  • Show related tasks on mails
  • Get full email threads when needed
Context views


A clear overview is key if you want to focus on things that really matter. See which customers need attention, even if they keep a low profile.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Clear overview to keep focus
  • Balance your work


Create multiple tags and assign them to tasks, emails, and contacts.

  • Structure your work
  • Quick filter

Link tasks to contacts

Show all tasks linked to an contact.

  • Show progress by contact
  • Improve customer experience

Attachment view

All important documents in one single view. See every document ever received from any customer.

  • No complex search to find stuff
  • Never lose an attachment again

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