Create multiple tags and assign them to tasks, emails, and contacts.

  • Structure your work
  • Quick filter

Create tasks

Make email actionable by creating tasks for you or the team.

  • Assign to team members
  • Set due dates
  • Link tasks to contacts
Create tasks

Link tasks to contacts

Show all tasks linked to an contact.

  • Show progress by contact
  • Improve customer experience

Make your customer feel like one-in-a-thousand

This is where the magic happens. All conversations, tasks, notes, and priorities in one place.

  • Know what needs to be done
  • Deliver an excellent customer experience


Multiple workspaces

Create a workspace for each process or team. Sales and support for instance, or any workflow that suits you.

  • A workspace per process or project
  • Select the right team for every workspace
  • Use custom tags
Tasks with multiple boards

Task templates

A huge timesaver when it comes to handling repetitive work.


Configure your own workflow

Configure your own workflow by adding phases to your Kanban. Keep it short and simple, or be as detailed as you like.

  • Keep track of progress
  • Manage priorities
  • Add or remove phases anytime

Getting things done

Customize workspaces in RogerRoger according to your needs. From the standard GTD, a simple to-do or a CRM pipeline. 

  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Add sub-tasks and tags for clarity



Make checklists in individual tasks.

  • Tasks breakdown
  • See what needs to be done