Turn your email into organized tasks

RogerRoger helps teams to be 20% more productive every day. 

Transform your email into organized tasks

Yes, you will benefit from collaboration when it comes to email. But imagine what happens when you bring tasks into the mix.

Manage email

Manage email as a team.

Stop juggling tools, forwarding, and cc'ing messages. Give email a workflow and bring any team on board for better collaboration.

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Know what to do next.

Turn any email into a task with a single click. Assign tasks, set due dates, add notes. Manage workload and keep everyone happy.

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Keep the context together.

RogerRoger makes sure emails, attachments, and notes are linked to the right contact for instant context.

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Why humans love RogerRoger

And yes, we use RogerRoger too 😎

RogerRoger helps us keeping track during the tax return periods. This is when email conversations are peaking and filled with important information needed by the whole team. It sure saves a LOT of CC's and forwards!


Managing mailboxes for our clients is a challenging task. We struggled to keep everything organized in Office. By adding RogerRoger to our workflow, handling email is a breeze again! 

BD Businesscall

With RogerRoger we save a lot of time by eliminating clunky searches. Our team is very happy to have RogerRoger providing the right answer every time.

Works with any mailbox

Easy connect, Roger that.

We made sure your setup is easy and secure. Connect RogerRoger to Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo, iCloud, and even IMAP.

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Transform your email into organized tasks 🚀